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John Wilson Sociopathic Evil,Vile, Monster That Conned Me Out Of Everything

I let John Wilson and his son Chez move in to my apartment around Feb. 2005. He never paid for anything. He told me he had just gotten custody of his son (8 yrs. old) . He didn’t want me to ask him about his mom because he said it would upset him but in actuality John Wilson had his son since he was 3 yrs. Old. I did everything for his son to try and take away his pain. I took him to summer camp everyday before I went to work and paid for the tuition. Around June 15th 2005 he asked me to marry him and a week later he asked to borrow $20,000.00 for his gym, Delco Brazillian Jui-Jitsu. I asked him if he wanted to marry me because he wanted to borrow this money. He acted like I insulted him and said the gym is for both of us. The money was from the inheritance my dad had just left me (over $63,000.00) and I was going to put it back in the bank when John Wilson gave it back to me but he hasn’t repaid me yet even though down the police station he told them it was $10,000.00 and he didn’t remember whether he paid me back in cash or with a check. The police never made him verify this. He told his lawyer that it was a gift. In March 2006 we got a house together and I paid for $2,4555.00 upgrade, $10,000.00 down payment, $9,000.00 closing cost and every house payment (we both were going to pay and I didn’t know) came out of my bank account. John Wilson told me when he sold his house 3172 Bethel Rd. Feltonville, Pa. he would put it towards our house but I didn’t know the house was in him and his ex-wife’s name. I found out later that he wrote a check for their mortgage from my bank account and forged my name. He stole the mail and all my concentration was taking care of his son because I never had kids and loved them. He knew this. When we moved into the house about a week later this woman called (Heike Calhoun and her friend) and said they both were going out with John. He pulled the phone and said this woman was stalking him. This woman left a note on my doorstep the next day and it said how much she cared about him and he is on Match.com. (It was on my computer but I didn’t know how to look up this info at the time. I found out later he was corresponding with a lot of woman and probably used my red Firebird I allowed him to use and thought it was for work but picking them up and going over Heike Calhoun’s house with his son) so I drove up to the gym with John Wilson’s son and gave him the letter and wanted to know what was going on and he said the same thing she is stalking him. When I left he called me and told me Heike was following me and his son acted like he was scared but in actuality I found out later he was going over her house with his dad. The next day I filled out a police report and told them Heike Calhoun was following me. So about a month later John Wilson came home and said why don’t you get a couple of credit cards just in case you need them. I didn’t understand why I got 3 credit cards because I already had about ten of them and (thank God John Wilson didn’t know this because I would have been in more debt than I am in now) never carried a balance on any of my cards. I found out later he fraudulently used over $18,000.00 worth of credit cards behind my back because he would steal the mail. This one day John Wilson was supposedly going to work and Heike Calhoun was following him. His son got a bat and acted like he was scared of her. John Wilson told me to call the police. The cops called John Wilson up and told him to go to the courthouse and get an Order Of Protection. He acted like he was going to do this but in actuality he was going to Heike Calhoun’s instead of work. I was always living in fear that Heike Calhoun would hurt me. This one day I found this black book hidden under his clothes. I opened it and found a lot of names and found a star above my name. I was panicking and didn’t know what to do. I was confused and asked him about this and he said it was something he should have thrown away. I believe now this was all his victims in this book. In Sept. I came back from the shore confronting my girlfriend about everything that was going on and it seemed weird he wouldn’t bring his checks home. He said he kept them at the gym. She told me to check things out. I came home and told him I was going to Acme and I needed my keys for my Firebird because I was low on gas. I felt under the seat and there were rubbers and a lot of dirty magazines. I froze and didn’t look at all the paperwork he had in my car. It was my car and he must have had me so controlled. I have never been through anything like this before. I’m not a confrontational person but I asked him what is this for. He said I shouldn’t have let you take the car(even though it was mine) and said stay out of my shit and pushed me down. I was stunned, no one ever raised their voice at me and never ever put a hand on me before. I have never been so petrified in my life. I was on the phone with my niece and John Wilson came out and I saw his son’s face and I couldn’t call the cops because it looked like he had been through this before. After a week he came home and tried to explain it away. I was trying to figure things out but couldn’t imagine what danger I was in. I made stir fry that night and fed it to his son then went upstairs to eat with John Wilson and there was glass in my food. He said I probably broke the sauce jar but his son’s food didn’t have it in it. The next day John Wilson had big pieces of broken glass on the side of his plate. Somehow it just didn’t register in my brain what was going on. Later on I found beer bottles underneath the sink. A couple days after that I had a drink and when I got up in the morning everything was spinning and I felt really sick. John Wilson went to work. I had to crawl to the bathroom and I was so sick I called him home. I don’t know what he put in my system but I was still dizzy thereafter. I told the police later what happened but they wouldn’t let me document it because they said why didn’t I bring the glass right down. In my wildest dreams I could never imagine that someone could ever try to hurt me like this. On Nov. 9 2007 Heike Calhoun’s friend called me and said she knows about me but I don’t know about her. I called Heike Calhoun and met her at John Wilson’s gym. When I pulled up Heike Calhoun and John Wilson were standing outside and all I said I was with you. I saw 3 cops outside and told them I just found out this man conned me out of money(not knowing at the time the extent of the devastation he put me through) I asked them to get my car keys from John Wilson for my Firebird. They went inside and when they came out the cops told me to stand there and be quiet while they held their hand in front of me and allowed him to take everything out of my car. I was stunned that this was my property and after I had just told them about him conning me out of money. Heike Calhoun’s son who was 16 yrs. old said that John Wilson needed a court order to do this. I found out later that the cops allowed John Wilson to steal my computer and I couldn’t do a thing about it even though I still have my receipt. The cops knew him because of him being a Jiu-Jitsu instructor. I talked to the police chief and the mayor and nothing has been done yet. I showed the police all the checks he forged even signing his own name, fraudulently using my credit cards and they had the reports down the police station that Heike Calhoun was supposedly stalking him and me but in this together. He even locked me out of my house and one neighbor that knew his son asked him where I was and his son said we had a fight and I moved out. Which was a complete lie. He told her Heike was moving in with her children. The woman that was stalking him and my name was on the mortgage and I paid for everything. They had to know they both were in this together. They had these police reports. Heike Calhoun’s mail went to my address. It was a house she was buying. I showed the cops this and they said it was none of my business. This woman that was supposedly stalking John and they could clearly see I was a crime victim by these 2 expert con artists. John Wilson only paid 2 house payments one bounced and when he locked me out of my house and scared me away he paid over $5,000.00 for a house payment. He finally left when I showed them my forged checks and credit card fraud but they only used the forged mortgage check and still I don’t understand why. He wouldn’t sign for me to sell the house because he didn’t care about his credit because it was already bad he just wanted to destroy my 800 credit. So for a year I called Indymac mortgage to try to get his name off the mortgage so I could either get someone in it to help me with it or sell it. It went into foreclosure and I didn’t know because he stole my mail He had taken all my money and left me in debt so I couldn’t get a lawyer but my sister knew this lawyer who gave me some free advice over the phone. He told me to go to court to force him to sign it . Of course he didn’t show up and the judge gave me the legal right to sign his name so I sold it for a short sale. I should have never lost my dream house. I went to court for the other legal issues of trying to get the money back that he conned out of me. Heike Calhoun and John Wilson had a lawyer and of course I had nothing so I had a court appointed attorney. John Wilson didn’t show up the first time and the judge didn’t penalize him he just made me come back another day. My friends and I were stunned when the judge didn’t allow anyone to talk and dropped the charges saying this was a civil case. I found out the reason was John Wilson only used 4 checks that he said I made out to cash for a little over $1,000.00 and my devastation was well over, I would say at least $80,000.00 or more. The 4 checks he used that day took me over 5 ½ yrs but I matched them to his bank book receipts I have. They could clearly see it is his signature not mine. The assistant prosecutor Diana Reed Rolondo was helping in the beginning but she said she did all she could and couldn’t bring charges and when she sent me all the paperwork back I couldn’t believe that the police reports said I allowed him to use my checks and credit cards. I was so out of it at the time of all this devastation that I should have had someone go with me and read every one of those reports because they were lies. It’s funny though I told Dina Reed Rolondo that I never allowed him to do any of this. She told me to get on with my life but I didn’t have a life I lost my house, my car, my job because of being late taking his son to school, my 401k, all my inheritance my dad left me and he even destroyed my credit. I was 50 yrs. old and my life has been a living hell. I have spent the next 7 yrs. doing the job the justice system should have done trying to find victims by putting my story on the internet. Every victim after me is the responsibility of the them by not doing there job and blaming me, the victim. Marie Cresta Fraudulent Acts Of Pure Evil – Google+, Ripoff Report | John Wilson-Delco Brazillian Jui-Jitsu, Marie Cresta’s Page – Scamraiders,www.mariecresta.wix.com/john-wilson-devil-in mariecrest@gmail.com



It’s been 10 years of the devistation that this evil vile monster has put me through. I live my life with the loss of everything he has taken from me. If he had done it when I was younger I could have bounced back but at 50 back then the world has changed and trying to get a job that I lost was difficult because my mental status was all over the place, because he used his son, I lost my job because I waited for him in the thunder when I took him to school and was late a couple times. He never did anything for his son. I had to move from house to couch and beg for help down social services even though I worked all my life. Antenna TV which never works, implants I have been eating off of for over 10 years and my bottom teeth separated because of this, I emotional can’t date because I’m afraid everyone is like this monster even though I had therapy, stand in line at food banks, like I said I had worked all my life and had it made and he wiped all my future money, I can’t travel far, I don’t exercise like I used to and also my Hashimotos Thyroiditis exhausts me. I could go on and on and on. After 10 years I found on his pay check he was paying for a Domestic Partner ,which is illegal when he lives at a different address, probably Heike Calhoun (his partner in crime) when he was living with me. The assistant prosecutor of Gloucester County and her investigators, Woolwich Twp police dept.and the court system of NJ is the reason this monster is still conning women in NJ and other states. If they had done there job and later I talked to the assistant prosecutor and asked her to talk to the victims I found but she said it wasn’t her jurisdiction because they were from another state. If I was famous for example like the Kardashians who haven’t done anything for society but take and take the world would bow down and poor them but me I tried to help everyone all my life and made excuses for everyone and what do I get battered by the justice system because the monster that did this to me was good at his manipulative crimes and is still smarter than the ones that work.in the justice system. If I had went to prosecutors in any other state they are educated enough to do their job and put this monster away. If anyone could ever help I could honestly use it. God Bless You

I read this post from vk.com and this is one of the reasons that John Wilson has gotten away with his crimes.


I just found this last night on http://VK.COM and was so angry that a women that could be helping victims was putting us down. So I had to respond to let all of the victims that I have talked to and any other victims of any other crimes that they are not the weak ones. Thank God for the #metoo because it shows that we are not going to sit back and take the harassment and negative comments from anyone anymore. We all have a voice to make a change, so let us use it to make a positive change in this world, not for hate! God Bless all of you victims because you are making a remarkable difference in this world.

Linda Rodriguez
May 20, 2016 at 2:30 pm
How can you be a father and fail you’re children, it’s one thing to fail all the weak women…..

Marie Cresta
This is in response to the comment about weak women. I was conned by a sociopathic, evil vile monster who has no remorse and is a master manipulator of twisting our amazing minds to make us believe in his twisted world. He knew I had no children and used his son to capture my beautiful heart full of love to nourish and treat his son like he was my son. I was told his mother never cared about him, so I took him to do sports and other activities children usually do. He seemed so much happier then when I first met him. I’m grateful that God has allowed me to bring some joy to his life. I wish I had known the hell he was dealing with, I would have tried to get him help. What John Wilson has done to me was a nightmare so I can’t imagine being a child and living this nightmare, it’s hard for me to comprehend what he went through.
I have been trying for over 9 yrs. to get this sociopathic evil vile monster pay for his crimes and I’ve helped a lot of amazing women that got caught in his twisted web of lies and deceit. When you criticize and do nothing knowing what you know than that makes a person weak but when you stand up and fight for victims, then that’s a sign of strenghth. I will never stop helping victims and unsuspecting new victims. LOVE is STRONGER than HATE and GOD is STRONGER than the DEVIL.

John Wilson Delco Brazillian Jui Jitsu Fraud Done By The Devil Himself
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John Wilson Adelphia


Finding my way back to reality after being viciimized by this sociopathic monster(John Wilson Chester Pa, Swedesboro, NJ) has been the longest journey of my life. I put God back  in my life and he gives me the strength and the courage to help other victims which in turn helps me, also. Even though he has put us all through so much heartache and Hell and I want to get him off the street so he can stop hurting so many more people, I found it in my heart to not hate him. I believe Love is stronger than hate.

John Wilson and his wife and partner in crime Heike Calhoun Wilson-Married since 2009


This sociopathic conman John Wilson finds his victims at Adelphia’s in Deptford NJ, Coastline in Cherry Hill NJ before they closed, Vera in Cherry Hill NJ, Xfinity Live in South Philly, Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City NJ, Chester Casino in Chester Pa., Match.com,etc. He looks for his victims carefully, he stands back and looks at your mannerism’s and studies you very carefully then picks out the most vulnerable and then goes after his prey. He gets you to tell him everything about yourself and then uses this to his advantage. He will only give you lies because he is a sociopath. The amazing thing is he is so good at this you will believe everything he tells you in the beginning. Unfortunately if you ever question him the monster will appear and he has you so emotionally crippled and the euphoric sexual feeling of loving him that you are so confused you are a prisoner of his, in your body and mind. He usually gets you to give him your key to your house, your car and when he is alone in your house he will go through all your papers and find out what you have financially, credit card info and anything he needs to put his plan in place. He will usually say he wants to buy a house with you and live happily ever after. That is a complete lie.  Also watch your drink because he will put something in it.  He is from Chester, Pa.and now lives at 10 Brookridge Dr.Swedesboro,NJ with his wife, born on Dec. 2, 1966, he has 3 children, Chez (John Wilson), Christina and Maria in their 20’s. There are over hundreds of victims and everyday that no one fights to get this monster off the street he will keep on destroying lives. Once you have been with this monster your life will never be the same in a bad way. Please I’m begging you to contact me if you want to keep him from destroying more lives like he did to me. God Bless You. Contact Info mariecresta@gmail.com. He also was the owner of the gym Delco Brazillian Jui Jitsu in Brookhaven Pa. then moved to Woodlyn Pa. .He used to teach at Balance Studios in Pa. with the owner Phil Migliarese.